Your mobile app produces!

Mobile Apps increase customer retention, effective communication with your customers, and revenue from repeat business.
  • Add value to your existing services
  • Differentiate from your competitors
  • Provide a needed service for your customers
  • Generate an additional revenue stream
Fantastic Features!
Your app will have many features to further enhance your brand and your connection with your customers.

Book Appointment / Streamline Software Portal

Are appointments required for your services? This feature will allow your customers to make requests for your services and send them to your email or we can streamline your current software portal so they can book appointments on their own.

Push Notifications

Send instant messages to all of your customers who have your app downloaded! Fantastic for upcoming events, sales, etc.

Vaccinations Feature

Do you require up to date vaccinations for your services? This feature will allow your customers to take a picture of their dog's vaccinations and send them to your email or we can streamline your current software portal so they can upload their vaccinations on their own.

Daycare Packages Feature

Do you offer Daycare Packages? This feature will allow your customers to purchase your Daycare Packages through your merchant account or we can streamline your current software portal so they can purchase your daycare packages on their own.

Forms Feature

Do you have documents your customers need to print, fill-out, and sign? We can upload them in this feature and have your customers simply fill-out and sign with their finger.

Loyalty Programs and Coupons

No more punch cards! 5 nails trims get the 6th FREE, 10 doggy daycares get the 11 FREE, etc. Loyalty programs are proven to aid in retention.

Social Media Integration

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...all Social Media can be integrated into your app (including your website).

*All Advanced Features are Custom Work. Your personal representative will give you more details.

Curbside Pickup/Dropoff

Your customers can easily notify you what dog they are picking-up and/or dropping-off.

Individual Push Notifications

Send instant messages to individual customers devices. You can send a message to one, several, or all of your customers at once. This is a great feature to keep everyone informed regarding your day to day operations. You can send out confirmation of appointments, let customers know their doggy is Groomed and ready to be picked up, remind customers to pick up their doggy from Daycare, etc.

Restricted Access Feature

Allows Doggy Trainers to upload their Training Videos, Training Documentation, etc. to a specific feature tab in their app that can only be accessed with the Doggy Trainer's permission. Now you can charge a monthly fee or monthly membership to view and study all of your hard work!

​No Programming Needed

Our Development Team completes your app to your liking. Your personal representative will assist you through the app process from Development to Publishing.

​​Maintenance, Updates, and Changes

Maintenance, Updates, and Changes to your app are at no additional cost. All requests will be completed within 2-3 business days.​

Marketing Materials

We provide Marketing Materials to help you promote your app (App and Play Store Links, QR Code, and Marketing Flyer).

What Our Customers Are Saying
Thank you for your feedback! We value your opinion and will use it to help improve the services we provide for you.


Love the app! It has been such a great way for us to communicate to our costumers! Working with John has been such a pleasure! He walked us through the entire ordeal and has continued to call and give “updates” so we can do to better connect with our guests. I love the pup upload feature, but the best part is the push notifications! I can easily send messages to our clients if we are having a promotion or if we are at capacity for the day. I would recommend this app to anyone looking to help grow their pet business!


This app has been awesome, we love having it and they have been so helpful getting the features we want. I really love that during coronavirus they even came up with the idea for a curbside drop off and pickup tab so it’s just a couple clicks and it sends you a text telling you your client is waiting. They are also very reasonable price wise and great at giving tips to help promote the app. John Gasca is our rep and he is amazing and great to work with! If you’re looking to have a nice app to help your business, these are your guys!


Doggy Mobile Apps is one of the best amenities we offer our clients. The app allows them to have easy access to our cameras, reservation requests and accounts while on the go. The geofencing feature reminds them to bring in their tags for check in. The push notification feature helps us remind parents to pack a towel on rainy days. We highly recommend Doggy Mobile Apps to any one out there that wants to offer their clients the latest and greatest technology available out there.