Managing credit card processing adds another task to your busy schedule as the owner of a doggy-centric business. 

We would love to take that off your plate. It’s our goal to make tech easy! 

Doggy Mobile Apps is excited to introduce you to our new credit card processing program called Consumer Choice!

Consumer Choice

Tired of losing revenue on credit card rates and fees? Credit card fees can eat up thousands in profits every month, money that could be spent on improvements to your doggy daycare, grooming salon, boarding kennel, or natural pet food shop! 

Consumer Choice reduces these fees by offering your clients the option to pay with either cash or card. If they pay by cash, great! If they pay by card, they will incur a small 4% fee to cover the transaction, meaning significant savings for you! 

Instead of paying thousands in credit card fees, pay a simple monthly fee (only $50 a month!) using our Consumer Choice solution!